Teeth Whitening

Our system produces fast, safe, effective whitening in as little as 20-60 minutes. Each “session” lasts 20 minutes.   Most individuals choose 2-3 (20 minute) sessions to get their teeth their very whitest. You can get the smile you’ve always wanted in as little as 20-60 minutes depending on your shade of teeth and the level of brightness you want to achieve.

What People Say About Our Process:

“This was so easy and I am blown away at how well this works. The people were so friendly and I was in and out in little time. Thank you. I will be back every 6 months!”
– Matt

“When I had whitening before done at my dentist, it was extremely painful. This process was simple and the results were actually better. I love how easy this is and white my teeth are. Thank you.”

“I am hooked on my new white teeth! It took years off of me and I will now never let my teeth get dark again. So easy too! Thank you! I feel so much younger!”

FDA Registered Facility

Our lights and products are manufactured in an  FDA registered facility.

Our  Self-Application Method

The Maui Whitening method is a non-dental, self-administered process.  An average session is just 20-60 minutes and can deliver results up to 10 shades of brightness. While the large majority of people will not need more than 3-5 shades whiter, which can be accomplished in 1 session typically, you can elect to double or triple your session for optimal whitening of up to 10 shades.

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* At Maui Whitening, we’re proud to use professional  grade whitening products. We believe teeth whitening should be affordable, fast and effective. That’s why we guarantee you 3 shades lighter for those clients that are an S22 shade or darker after your first 20 minute visit, or it’s on us and you pay nothing. Visit your local salon for details.