We can’t escape it. As we get older, our teeth become more dull and yellowish looking from food and chemicals.

Some common causes of stains are:

red wine
dark colored foods- i.e., blueberries, raspberries

coffee - lawhitening

Not only are yellow teeth unpleasant to the eye, but they can hinder self-confidence, which shows to be an unhealthy feeling in most people. Teeth whitening is the most popular remedy for yellow teeth.

You Have Options In Teeth Whitening

There are two main options in teeth whitening. One can either visit a facility and whiten their teeth using professional grade products and equipment or one can attempt to whiten their teeth on their own at home using teeth whitening products purchased (which are typically non-professional grade).

1) The “At Home” Option

An impression of your teeth is taken at your dentist’s office so that a custom-made tray can be crafted specifically for your mouth. You try on the trays to ensure that they are the correct fit.At home, you will put a special whitening gel inside the trays and wear them either overnight or for 30 minutes / twice daily. This process takes a couple weeks to show dramatic results and countless hours. Oftentimes, since you are wearing these trays overnight, gum irritation is prevalent due to the gel shifting throughout the night in your mouth. This option often has the most complaints of irritation.  What this boils down to:  Approx. $150 and 14 days of whitening to see results.

2) The “At A Facility” Laser Teeth Whitening Option

When opting for laser teeth whitening at a facility. You have two options:

1) Dentist Office: you can visit your local dentist to make an appointment and the dentist will whiten your teeth in the office. He/she will use professional teeth whitening products and lighting equipment. What this boils down to:  Approximately $399 – $800 and an hour at the dental office.

2) Maui Whitening – a “teeth whitening salon”  – you can visit any Maui Whitening location without an appointment or call and schedule an appointment. Walk in’s are always welcome. Or you can check in to one of these locations via the Maui Whitening website. Once there, you will use professional dental grade gel on your teeth ( the same gel  that used to only be available by going to the dentist) and sit in front of a professional teeth whitening light for 20-60 minutes. Your results at an Maui Whitening location are guaranteed 3-4 shades lighter in your first  20 minute session  or your money back when you are an S22 or darker initially.  Most people see 6-10 shades lighter under the full 60 minute appointment.  What this boils down to: Approximately $99-$179  (20-60 minutes) and an 20-60 minutes at a Maui Whitening location.

The 2nd choice in laser teeth whitening has become increasingly popular. One can visit a non-dental facility center such as a Maui Whitening salon location  for a cosmetic whitening experience, instead of having to make an appointment at the dentist. Finally, consumers have access to the most professional grade teeth whitening products, without being locked into typical high- prices at alternative locations.  This innovative new teeth whitening company, Maui Whitening, now offers to the mass pubic exceptional pricing on their products and on services that get your teeth their whitest.

Price Comparison For Teeth Whitening Options:

Laser teeth whitening is by far, the easiest and fastest way to get your teeth their whitest, but in years past, was not always the most economical. Now, with the introduction of new non-dental centers such as Maui Whitening, one can gain the benefits of professional teeth whitening products without all the expense. Teeth whitening is no longer an “exclusive upscale service” at the dentist office. Now , for less than $100, you can walk into any Maui Whitening location and have the same professional dental-grade products whiten your teeth, but at a fraction of the cost.

Industry Pricing By Comparison:

  • At Home Kits – $99-460 / year – (14-21 days of whitening per year)
  • “At- The -Dentist”  Laser Teeth Whitening Services: $399 – $800- (1-2 appointments / year)
  • Maui Whitening (cosmetic teeth whitening salons) $99-$179 / per year – (1 appointment / year)

Visit Your Local Maui Whitening Salon

For a beautifully  bright smile, visit your local Maui Whitening location. Walk-in’s  are always welcome. Call us today with any questions you have about our teeth whitening services , to schedule an appointment, or simply just walk-in. Feel free to visit us on the web at www.mauiwhitening.com.

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