New Innovative Company – Maui Whitening- Offers An Affordable & Fast Teeth Whitening Alternative For Consumers

Dayton, OH

Bleached, bright-white teeth seem to be all the rage. Statistics show that the term “teeth whitening” was the 4th most searched for term in 2012 amongst all consumer services on Google. To say that teeth whitening is popular, would be a total understatement.

And nothing quite says health and beauty like a white smile. Thanks to an innovative company,called Maui Whitening, teeth whitening is now more affordable and available than ever before.

This new company’s teeth whitening service is now available to consumers and is saving consumers hundreds of dollars, while benefiting from the same products that used to only be available by visiting your local dentist. The service is fast (only 20-60 minutes) and the teeth whitening products are organically plant-based, which many customers prefer.

Maui Whitening is a non-dental laser teeth whitening salon that offers professional teeth whitening products and self-application services at a fraction of the cost than what a typical dentist office would charge for a teeth whitening session.

How does the process work at an Maui Whitening salon location? It’s simple. Think of the salon like a typical “walk-in haircut salon”. You walk in, check in with a whitening associate, sit down in a chair for 20-60 minutes, apply the professional grade teeth whitening gel to your teeth and sit in front of an Maui Whitening high powered laser light, then walk out with whiter teeth and guaranteed results. These salons are incredibly popular because the services cost approximately 80% less than what other clinics would typically charge for a teeth whitening session and the materials are the same professional grade. “

For more information on these teeth whitening services, you can visit Maui Whitening at www.mauiwhitening.com.

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